Be sensitive

I wondered a lot if sensitivity can be educated or the men are born with a certain degree of sensitivity. Are there any insensitive people? I think that there are more people who were not educated to make appeal at sensitivity, that the circumstances of their lives are of such a kind that sensitivity is rather an impediment to them not helping them.

You have heard many times the urge: Don’t tae it to heart, don’t be that sensitive. We are advised so often to disconnect ourselves from everything doesn’t make us feel good, from everything that upsets us. But indifference is not a solution because the indifferent man becomes someone with a callous loveless heart.

The solution is a compromise between sensitivity and affectation. To be sensitive means to notice, to pay attention to the surrounding world. The care we show for everything surrounds us makes us more delicate, more beautiful, more loved and we don’t necessarily suffer trouble or bitterness  because of our sensitivity. And if our heart begins to sigh deeply for the evil in the world by this resemble the saints and Christ who sighed for the people of Israel.

Thus the advice we should hear more often is not : `you shouldn’t care` but rather ` be sensitive but do not lose your peace.`

I’m sure that sensitivity can be educated, can be cultivated by the care of the parents and of the teachers. A sensitive man has many more reasons to enjoy everything he notices: the sky, the beauty of the birds or flowers, the sunset and sunrise even the sadness and loneliness may have deep meanings for him, full of wisdom.

Be sensitive because being sensitive means to live life fully.

priest. Savatie Baștovoi

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