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The role of Orthodoxy in the World consists in confessing the truth, in the preaching of the apostles and in the dogmas

Monk Theoclate from Dionysiou Orthodoxy was founded in twenty centuries on the Holy Scripture, the Ecumenical Councils, the Holy Tradition and the blood of the martyrs and confessors. The attempts of unification with the Catholics as long as they remain in their heresy and innovations represent for us a danger of dogmatic deflection, of nullification […]

God, nature and the others

Monk Moses the Athonite A good thing brought by the economic crisis is that it forced some people to go back in the country. It made many young people to go back to the neglected nature and to agriculture. The disruption of the bond between man and the natural environment has serious consequences. There is […]

In the problems of faith no sentimentalisms fit

Monk Theoclate the Dionyonisiate Let us unite. But how? Unite the truth with the lie, the light with the darkness? The believers of the Church with those who denies the church? Let us unite, yes, but after the heretics will leave their heresies. In the matters of faith there is no room for human feelings. […]


† Hyerotheus, Mitropolitan of Navpakt             Many newspapers and magazines publish horoscopes and many educated men read them.Some do this out of curiosity, others to create a funny atmosphere and the most to find out the future of their life, because they believe these come true. It worth mentioning the fact that few years ago […]

Faith is one thing and trust is another

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We all believe in the existence of the Triune God. We all believe that Christ descended on earth, He was born from the Most Holy Virgin Mary and incarnated Himself, made Himself man for our salvation to take us out of the hell and open the heaven […]

Nobody has a greater love

I will tell you a short story about a sacrifice even of the life of a man for saving his neighbor: In the times of yore there were carriages driven by horses going from a place to another. Because they passed through places where were robbers, beasts etc they had weapons with them. On a […]

What is marriage for a Christian

The Christians `marry like all the rest of the people and they beget children but they don`t throw away their newborn babies.`[1]. Meaning that the Christians come at the communion of marriage but their marriage is blessed by God. Saint Ignatius Theophorus writes to saint Policarpus: `The men and the women who marry must make their […]

The valor of the prayer

Many people with whom I`ve talked until now asked me to pray to God for various problems of high concern for them. One was concerned about his health, another one about his happiness in his marital life, another one for more children, another one for the release of his children from the drug addiction. But […]