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Brancoveanu Saints

In the Holy Week from the year 1714 after the betrayal of some noblemen who slandered the Romanian ruler that he was plotting against the Turks, a great army sent by Ahmed the 3rd the sultan of the empire arrived in Bucharest and took prince Constantine and his sons and his sons in law and […]

The embrace of the Theotokos

Monk Moses the Athonite The Dormition of the Theotokos is again approaching. All the believers are preparing to celebrate this great feast of the Holy Mother of God. The celebration is holy, wonderful, superb and moving. It is a wonderful, glorious, splendid celebration, much loved by people. The believers enjoy the feast although it is […]

The difficult years are approaching…

Αrchimandrite Ephrem Philotheos The difficult years are approaching. When we see wars and earthquakes and different other events it means the time is near. We expect to see many thing happening. According to the prophecies of the Saints in the times of the end great events will take place. And the word of God and […]

How do we pray?

The man needs much patience to be able to spend time at the Holy Liturgy because it is not easy to stand still for two hours but you see to come to the church to attend the holy service Sunday after Sunday and even more than this is an experience similar with that of the […]

Chase away luck from your life!

It became a habit to wish `good luck!` in various moments of our life. We consider that a little bit of luck will bring us happiness in various forms:a flourishing financial situation, a very good job, an iron health, an advantage in general in comparison with the others. So one evening I approached this subject. […]