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About God the Son (I)

130. What are the articles from the Creed referring at God the Son? The articles from the Creed about God the Son are articles II – VII? 131. What do these article teach us ? They speak to us about the greatest and most miraculous deed of God’s love towards us. They tell us that The […]

The one who withdraws from the world must deplete himself of everything. How he should take care of these worldly acquisitions. For those living in a community to own something means a sure perdition

1. of saint Barsanuphius A monk asked an elder: `My relatives owe me a small amount of money I want to give it to the poor. But those people don’t want to give it back to me. What to do? The elder answered: `If you don’t cut your fleshly thought and you won’t show a […]

About the divine providence

129. After the Creation of the world God takes care of it? God takes care of the world. This work through which God takes care of the world is called providence. By providence God keeps the world in its entirety and each thing and being and protects them and guides them towards good aims. Providence […]

Those who come to live as monks must be accepted only after serious trials, because those who are tested usually become very skilled. What must be required from them part.1

From his youth saint Pahomius’s heart burnt of love for God and he wished to become a monk. Finding out about a hermit called Palamon, who lived in seclusion, he went to that one wanting to stay with him. When he reached his cell, not far from the desert he knocked at the door. That […]

About repentance

The men loving God always receives His sons that have sinned when they come back with sincere repentance. The man hating evil and loving good completes his repentance and becomes beloved son of God. Due to his freedom, each Christian has the chance tom choose what he wants. No good can be done by force. […]


Archimandrite Paul Papadopulos She woke up every morning and before doing anything she went where she had the icons. She made the sign of the cross slowly, piously. She took with her right hand the glass she used as a vigil light and put it in the left one than she made again the sign […]

Forgive me!

A young doctor was sitting at his desk clenching his fists hardly. He was nervous. He had begun not so long time ago his medical practice as a gynecologist obstetrician and that very day he had to provoke an abortion. However it was not that which troubled the young doctor but the procedure. He had […]

The disciple who contents his elder, contents God!

My Elder always advised us about the great importance of obedience:  The disciple who contents his Elder, contents God!` When I heard this counsel of my ElderI made the purpose of my renunciation at the world and of my life lived near him to apply with all the power of my soul this patristic advice. […]

About Christian hope

1. Why the Creed teaches us in article XI and XII the same saving truths article VII speaks about? The Creed in its ending articles teaches us indeed the same saving truths found in article VII. The difference is that: in article VII we are advised to believe while the last articles teach us not […]