33 « reasons » for not going to the church (III)

The fourth reason : I don’t go to the church just because it’s on fashion.


Not long time ago, a young woman who was a jurist said: “I don’t want to be baptized just because it’s on fashion.”

“Then why are you wearing tight trousers?” “Hasn’t it become a fashion lately?” I had to ask her. “What people have been doing in our Church for more than a thousand years do you think it’s something evanescent and and volatile?” “You are a jurist, your profession is based on logic.” “And as you see this stops working in spiritual matters.” “Why?” “Because in life there is a fierce spiritual struggle for every soul, for the thoughts of every person.” “And we must make an effort to escape from this captivity of thoughts and gain our freedom and reach God.”

Some people say that if the multiplication table had reached the spiritual sphere, there would have been controversies about the fact that two times two is four.

It would have been really wonderful if it had been fashionable to believe in God, to work honestly, to respect the elder people, to defend your homeland, to be loyal to your husband/wife…It would be better if this fashion didn’t change from season to season. What’s wrong about such a fashion?

But even then the devil would teach someone to say: “I am cheating my husband because it has become a fashion to keep your loyalty towards your husband.”


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