You don’t have anything more in common with him? Do you divorce?

If there is no reason acknowledged by the Church for divorce, only a spiritual mismatch (for example if a girl married a lieutenant then she began to believe in God and when he became colonel he remained only with his position and everything is dear to her is something he ignores) than that Christian woman will have to carry a heavy cross given by God.

She cannot say she doesn’t need that rude senseless man now that she has another life with nothing in common with her husband.

How she doesn’t have anything in common? But her responsibility for that man? Who else can take him to the Kingdom of Heaven?

And if she doesn’t sacrifice her life for making the seed of faith grow inside him, then who would do that?

Nobody has the right being a Christian to refuse such a responsibility.

Excerpt from priest Maxim Kozlov, Family – the last bastion. Answers for the questions of the young people, Sofia Publishing, Bucharest 2009, p.70.

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