Why don’t you pay more attention to the Guardian Angel? 

Through Baptism, we have received extraordinary graces and have been blessed with a Guardian Angel. Why don’t you pay more attention to the Guardian Angel? You know, your fraternities, what is said in one place: “It is impossible not to die if you see an Angel in his true light!” The Angel is with us, guarding us. Christ became incarnate as a human being, in the depths of human misery, not to annihilate human existence, but to transfigure it. Have you seen what is written in the Canon of the Guardian Angel: “Holy Angel, offer common prayers with all the Angels for me, the sinner!” And the Guardian Angel prays with all the Angels, for they do not refuse him, they do not respond: “I don’t want to!” 

There is an extraordinary unity, God loves prayer, and all the Angels are one with the pleasures of God. But it also says in one place: “If the devil were to embody himself in a human being, with his little finger he could have overturned the earth, if he had the power from the beginning.” But he no longer has power, only the tip of his tail moves, the rest he no longer has, Christ killed it. But he is allowed to tempt us so that, by being tempted, we may crown ourselves, wake up, and see who we are. The devil plays a role in salvation, indirectly. 

Excerpt from Word on Spiritual Joy – Archimandrite Arsenios Papacioc, Eikon Publishing, via http://doxologia.ro

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