Thoughts at the beginning of the ecclesiastical year

I contemplate the wretchedness, futility, and laughable yet lamentable nature of earthly greatness. Absolutely no one even spares a thought for the mighty potentates, kings, presidents, or rulers of the masses. Perhaps once a year, three obscure individuals come forth and light a crooked candle.

The engines of culture, the geniuses, writers, prominent theologians, patriarchs, university professors, and inventors no one remembers them. They lie lost in tombs and within books filled with dust and mites.

How fleeting is the glory of this world! No one, except your mother, mourns you after death! A few people may speak for a few days, and then there is complete and eternal silence.

However, there is one exception, if people perceive you as a person of prayer. Look at Saint Paraskeva, a young woman in tatters, whose prayers still gather millions of people. Look at the shrine of Saint Demetrius the New in Bucharest the humble shepherd from the Lom River. The line of worshipers at his holy remains seems to never end.

The saints of God are the only connection between Heaven and the world, defying and shattering the seals of this enormous tomb we call the earth.

The rest mere dust, vanity, ostentation, wealth, gold, shrimp, caviar, putrefaction, adorned carcasses displayed in the showcase of death.

Certainly, our legacy is defined by the moments we spend in prayer and the acts of kindness we perform!

Devote yourself to prayer, for it is through this practice that we find salvation from eternal demise.

Reverend Ioan Istrati

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