Love protects us of all evil

God waits us permanently to unite in love with Him wholly but we estrange ourselves of Him. And we see that there is no life without love – meaning that without God there is no life, because God is love. But this is not a love in accordance with the logic of this world, a love in accordance with the understanding of this world. The love of this world is pain, enslavement, because the spirits of the air interfere in our love. There is a little love here and most of it is enslavement. The spirits from the air try to enslave us by means of things, of people, impeding our heart and our entire being to bind ourselves to God, to true love. Cause the demons know this: if our hearts unite with the Lord they can’t come near us anymore.

The one who is in the middle of the divine grace, united with the love of God is surrounded by this divine love, by this divine grace and the demons can’t come near him. Then they can’t touch us, because we are surrounded by divine power, by divine grace. Love is the greatest weapon that exists. There is no other greater power or weapon than this, to fight against love. Before love everything falls apart. You see, the angels don’t get enslaved by things as we do. We, the fallen ones get enslaved by things, by goods and people like the fallen spirits. But the orders of angels don’t do this.

And those who unite themselves with God from all their heart and all their being are not enslaved by anything here on earth. Nothing can enslave them. Their heart can’t be chained. They are in the fullness of the divine grace, united with the Lord and they love all the people with God. Wonderful thing! Then we feel that we love everyone, no matter if they are good or bad. We love them all!

Source: Starets Tadei, Your life is how your thoughts are, selection p.170-173

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