The covenant of elder Paisie Olaru with elder Ilie Cleopa

Elder Paisie Olaru: In the autumn of 1935 elder Cleopa was coming back from the army and he visited me at Cozancea skete to receive a blessing. At his leave while I was leading him through the forest I asked him:

`What do you intend to do now, brother Costache? He was not a monk yet. Do you remain at Cozancea? Or return to Sihăstria?

`I would return to Sihăstria, elder Paisie, where I stayed for five years and where the tombs of my brothers are. There I have much peace…

Then we both took off our head covers and knelt down and made three bows and I said this prayer : `God bless our covenant to be together in this age and in the afterlife. If I die first let him be beside me and if he dies first let me be beside him. Amen. Then we kissed and separated. I am fond the most of elder Cleopa in this life

Excerpt from Spiritual talks – hieromonk Ioanichie Bălan, Episcopate of Roman and Huși.

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