Why can`t the relationships between people last?

Priest Alexandru Lungu

Why can`t the relationships between people last? How is it possible to abandon one day the one near whom you watched the sunrise and with whom you shared bed at sunset? Why `I love you` one day turns into hate? How can you come to an incompatibility of character after decades lived under the same roof? Why the people don`t they repair more and prefer to change easily? When is it natural to withdraw and until where does it worth to fight? Why do we like love stories but we don`t try sp much to live them?

Why do we forget so easily the sacrifices and we so often condemn each other for mistakes? Why do we lose, when we become adults, our capability to forgive as in childhood when after a conflict reconciliation was realized only in a few minutes?

Why do the things which brought us together after a time seem unbearable?

How can you offend the one for whom you fought with so much ardour at the beginning to conquer his or her heart? Why is it there love at the beginning and so much contempt in the end? Why aren`t there any service stations for broken hearts and only graveyards of rusty iron for the disappointed souls?

How can two adults abandon their children thinking that only in that way their future would be brighter? Why `forgive me` doesn`t solve any problems and why do we forget after a while to say `I love you`?

We struggle too much for things and we neglect more often the people.

There are no stories without tears and pain, without struggle and compromise. There is no love without sacrifice and no accomplishment without suffering. Love goes beyond beauty and labels, it remains steady only when in two hearts which submit to each other until the end throwing the key on the bottom of an ocean and choosing to keep hidden their happiness as a talisman which must never be shown because of the fear  of those who might steal it.

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