The sky, the earth and the world

One day a simple man, known for his pure life, was asked by a neighbour :

`What do you do that you are always so content? I have never seen you upset.`

`It is very simple – the other one answered – every morning when I wake up I look first at the sky. In this way I remember God, mercy and kindness. Then I look at the earth. In this way I remember death and the Final Judgment. In the end, I look around myself at the whole world waking up like on every morning. In this way I remember my fellow men who suffer of diseases and weaknesses, I remember those whom have a herder life than mine and whom I could help, in this way I am glad for what I am and what I can do.

Kindness coming out of love always brings peace and contentment both in the soul of the person who receives with gratitude and in the soul of the person who gives lovingly.

`Who is kind, let him become kinder and who overcame temptation let him pray for the one who is still in temptations.` (Father Paisie Olaru)

Excerpt from The most beautiful Christian Orthodox parables and stories – Leon Magdan, Aramis Publishing – Romanian Patriarchy.

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