When you become mother or father for a peewee

Priest Alexandru Lungu

The children come simply sometimes without any efforts, other times after long prayers and tears, being waited for long years without being able to choose them from any point of view.

There aren`t any pre set options, factory options, for the color of the eyes, of the hair, height, weight or intelligence. There are gifted children but there are also many who will have to work doubly to succeed in life.

There are moments when you feel like laying the moon at their feet but also moments when they exhaust you of the last drop of strength and you feel you fall.

There are days when you don`t recognize them and it seems that everything you built and laid at the foundation of their education is destroyed in a second.

But the hardest challenge is sickness, the pains which are coming over some families and life seems in those moments unjust and full of pain.

There are no days without challenges from the moment you become a parent and maybe it wouldn`t be of any avail. There is no pause button, you can`t tell how tomorrow will be from tonight.

A parents`s life is a carrousel of emotions, there are cloudy days with storms and strong squalls. But the moments when the sun rises recharge your batteries and you feel like starting it all over again every time.

If you want to become a parent you must not expect the easy way but embrace the difficulties and the good altogether as everything is covered in a mystery. But nothing in this world makes you feel more that you are alive than when you become a mother or a father of a peewee. 

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