The season of weddings has begun

Priest Alexandru Lungu

The season of weddings has begun. ON Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the Christians have a feast until late at night reason why the attending of the Liturgy is missing.

At the Holy Liturgy from tomorrow we will listen the text from Saint John`s Gospel with the healing of the innate blind

Nothing is more painful in this world than blindness. Not to see your parents, the surrounding nature, his own children is a real torment.

But much more painful and pitiable is spiritual blindness which endangers our eternity.

We are attending the service at the Church occasionally. We participate especially during the fasting periods in the cold season and in times of troubles. IN the rest of the time we arrive very rarely and when we do it lighting quickly a candle and leaving a list with names for remembrance and we feel that in this way we made our duty. But it is a deceit and from this entire scene only the devil has something to gain.

The perseverance in attending the Holy Liturgy every Sunday is one of the main conditions for a Christian for his spiritual ascent

The permanent communion with the Holy Eucharist is in the nature of the Christian life and the postponement of this moment for certain periods during the year is a false impression that we are on the right path.

Spiritual blindness puts us to trails more and more and from our position of servants of the Holy Altar we must call things on their name. The false impression that sometimes during the Lent we confess hundreds of people whom we won`t meet again during the year at any other Liturgy and we allow them to commune puts us in a position of accomplices directly responsible for the reckless life of our Christians.

It is not enough to make a trip during the summer days to a monastery and then to have as the only concern to leave in a rush a list of names for remembrance and afterwards to continue freely our journey and make grills during the Holy Liturgy

Faith lies in perseverance and permanent attendance of the Church during the liturgical year. Our salvation sometimes lies in a moment of repentance other times in a life of endeavours. We don`t know on which side we would be as nobody knows what lies ahead for him for tomorrow. Let us be present in the Churches!

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