We must regard those who insult as weak or sick

You will say: How is it possible to bear offences? I ask, how wouldn`t that be possible? Do the words cause any damage? Do they leave any mark on the body? What harm do they bring? If we want, we can bear them.

Let us make a promise that we will bear them and you will see that we will bear them. Let us tell to ourselves : this is not hate but weakness. It is indeed a weakness and the proof that it is not hate or wickedness is that the man wanted to refrain himself even if he had many times been offended.

If we think that this thing is a proof of weakness we will bear it, we will forgive it and we will force ourselves not to fall in this. I ask you all: if you want can you be wise enough to bear those who offend you? I think yes. Maybe that one who offended you did this unwillingly not out of a pre meditated thought, maybe just under the urge of the passion, so control yourself…

Were you offended and the offence comes from your enemies? Be even more conciliatory. But that one is maddened by cheekiness.

 Exactly for this you must go to find him. He is attacked by two evils cheekiness and anger. As you are protected of these two and beside it healthy go to him as the doctor goes to the sick. Does the doctor say: This man is sick so I won`t go to see him? Especially when the doctors go and see sick people who can`t move They take less care of those who move Pride and anger aren`t they more terrible for you than a disease?

Excerpt from ”Chosen words” by Saint John Chrysostom

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