Tips about trust in God

Pious Paisios the Athonite

  • Great thing is when someone abandons himself in the hands of God! Men make plans and try to accomplish them, but without harking, without listening to the will of God and without complying with it.
  • We should trustfully abandon ourselves in God’s care so that He would take control of things and we should do our duty with magnanimity of soul.
  • If someone does not have trust in God, so that to entrust himself completely into His hands, he would be tormented.
  • Faith in God is not enough, trust in Him is required as well. Trust in God draws His aid. Men usually look for human comfort and after being disappointed by people they run to God. But if we don’t want to be tormented, let us look for the divine comfort, cause this is the only true comfort.
  • The Christian has trust in God and entrusts himself to God until death and he clearly sees how the hand of God saves him.
  • As apostle Paul says, faith means to believe in the unseen as well, not only in what’s seen. When we entrust our future to Christ, we urge Him to help us.
  • Complete entrusting of ourselves in the hands of God has faith as its mother by means of which man can secretly pray and can receive the fruits of hope.
  • This is an unceasing prayer and brings divine help in the moment when it’s needed.


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