The wild onion

There was once an old woman who hadn’t done any good in all her life. When she died her guardian angel took her to the throne of God but in the book of her deeds was not written any good deed so she was going to be sent to hell. Her guardian angel felt terribly sorry for her. He searched in the hidden notes from the books of all the other men hoping to find a good deed to induce God Who is Love Itself  be merciful and take her to heaven.

Searching carefully he finally found out that once while the woman was digging her garden a beggar came to her asking for alms. The old woman didn’t want to give him anything but the beggar was very insistent. The woman getting annoyed pulled up a wild onion and threw it to the beggar to get rid of him.

The angel rejoiced and told God that happening. Then God said:

`Take a wild onion and if the old woman can hold on to it and come out of hell, then you can bring her to heaven.`

The angel was very glad, took a wild onion and descended to hell. He asked where the woman was and finding her told her the good news. The woman was glad too and grabbed the wild onion held by the angel trying to get out of hell on it.

Then it happened something weird. Some other doomed men started to hang on her feet to get out of hell. But the woman started to push them away saying:

`The wild onion is mine. You have no share with me.`

The angel asked her to show love but the woman could not be convinced. She hit the other souls with her feet and shouted. Then the wild onion was torn and the old woman and the other souls fell back to hell.

The angel cried and left.

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