The smell of the soul

The smells are of two kinds:

-material, perceived by our physical senses or by certain technical sensors

-spiritual which can be perceived only with the spiritual senses

In the same way the body smells nicely or bad this is how the soul smells.

In order to have a clean body we use water, soap, creams and perfumes…

But for the soul?

The only laundry which provides for sure a clean and nice smelling soul is the Church of Christ

The cleansing begins with the birth from above from water and spirit and it is continued all our life by moderation, right thinking, fasting, confession, the washing with the tears of repentance (if there are any), the communion with the Flesh and Blood of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

As nothing impure can enter the Heavenly Kingdom those who are on the path which leads to the Truth and Life try to purify themselves…IN time they begin to feel with their heart (which has reasons the reason doesn`t know Blaise Pascal) the nice spiritual smell of the other pilgrims, a blessed peacefully smell…

Unfortunately more and more Christians and the world in general runs in the opposite direction, turning their back to God. It is not hard to understand what smells get the souls. If God materialized these smells for our noses, the global stink would be unbearable. I think that the divine nice smelling myrrh which comes out of the holy relics and from icons is exactly the materialization of the smell of the saints` souls.

Even if being unworthy I was not able to go higher than the first step of the ladder of heaven, I can feel the smell of some souls.

There are some persons I see often, persons I see from time to time and persons I met only once and persons I have never met face to face…Those who spread a nice spiritual smell are a blessing and I tell them with this occasion to each one of them:

`You smell good spiritually!`

Nicușor Gliga

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