The overcoat

Priest Ioan Istrati

Last winter I was at a feast, at a commemoration at Rapsodia restaurant.

There were many priests everyone with his commemoration. After I waited for all of them to finish I began. Those who had finished started talking bothering the service. What I wanted to say. I put my long black overcoat on a chair. When leaving I forgot about it.

When I arrived home I noticed I didn`t have it anymore. I went back to the restaurant but the people from there had not seen anything. I lost it. I regretted it as I had only one so stylish and classy.

After three days near the Culture House I saw a poor homeless man unshaved and tired but who was strutting with his arms away from the body because of such a beauty of overcoat.

I approached him and told him I had forgotten it at Rapsodia restaurant

The man gasped and then said :

`I found it on a chair, there was nobody in the room. If you want it, I give it back to you.

He was ready to take it off. I told him:

`Forget about it, it suits you well.

The man said:

`Father I had a very ragged jeans jacket, I could not close it anymore and it didn`t keep warm. ON that morning I told God: `God, if You have ever suffered of cold please help me with a padded coat or something. And I found such a beauty, which is special as it is from a priest.

God feels cold in our souls beaten by the wind of indifference.

God gives us when we ask with all our heart and feels our pain, our coldness and heals them.

P.S. I bought another one almost identical.

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