The longing after God

My soul is longing after God and I seek him tearfully. How could I not seek You? You were the One who found me first and You gave me the delight of Your Holy grace and my soul loved You.

Don’t You see, my Lord, my grief and my tears…If You hadn’t drawn me by Your love, I wouldn’t seek You like I do. But Your spirit made me know You and my soul rejoices that You are my God and my Lord and I am tearfully longing after You.

My soul is longing after God and is tearfully seeking Him.

Most Merciful Lord, You see my fall and my grief but I humbly ask for Your mercy: pour the grace of Your Holy Spirit over me, the sinner. Its remembrance makes my mind seek again Your mercy.

Give me the spirit of your humility so that I won’t lose again Your grace, so that I won’t bitterly sob after it, as Adam sobbed after heaven and after God.

In the first year of my life in the monastery, my soul knew God through the Holy Spirit.

God loves us so much. I know it from the Holy grace God gave me by His great mercy.

I am an old man and I prepare myself to die and I am writing for the sake of the people. The spirit of Christ that God has given me wants the salvation of all people, so that all people will know God.

God gave the heaven to the thief: in the same way He will gave it to any sinner. Because of my sins I am worse than a scabby dog, but I asked God to forgive my sins and He gave me not only His forgiveness, but also His holy grace and through it I came to know God.

From the book

Between the hell of despair and the hell of humility – Saint Silouan the Athonite

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