The life of a priest`s wife

The life of a priest`s wife is not all full of sugar and honey even if it seems so from the outside for so many people. It is a life full of shortages, of difficulties, of temptations, of inner struggles. Maybe many see beautiful clothes, opportunities to be permanently in the spotlight and only joys and smiles. But the priest`s wife sacrifices her life and renounces at her own self and at the many moments of rest with her own husband.

She must take care of the children and has the role to give her husband the power to leave without looking back in certain critical moments taking place in their own home, the courage to continue the fight till the last drop of blood. She welcomes him on many occasions after days of holy services, of confessions, of visits to sick people, of listening to tens of problems, like a pale shadow, like a discharged battery and her silence and peace in such situations are the energy he needs to start again from the beginning.

Behind a strong man there is always a strong woman and behind a devoted servant of the church there is a discrete wife who renounces at her own self most of the time. I think a priest can remain complete only beside his wife.

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