The gift of Saint Spyridon for Nadia Comăneci. Life is full of miracles…

Saint Spyridon is acknowledged as the protector of children. There is a special place in Bucharest, the Old Church Saint Spyridon which houses the miracle maker icon of the Saint, a church which became a place of pilgrimage for the young women who want to give birth to babies and pray here for a miracle to happen after medicine and other sciences could not offer them any solutions.

At 43 years old Nadia Comăneci entered for the first time in this church with her husband, Bart, when she had no more hopes to have a child and the priest of the parish, Ioan Iordache, told her she must believe in this miracle and read a prayer for her.

After a few months Nadia was pregnant. After the birth of little Dylan, made a remarkable act of charity donating a big sum of money for founding near this parish of the church Saint Spyridon of a center for orphan children.

This happens because life is full of miracles.


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