The emperor of confusion, the lord of illusion, the prince of deception, certainly has plenty of work to do in today’s world

Reverent Ioan Istrati

For example, weak minds change to confuse the creature with the Creator, to worship the flesh, not God, to embrace moralism instead of prayer, puritan ideology instead of asceticism, philosophical reflection instead of the Liturgy, meditation instead of vigil.

The demon transforms words into curses, embraces into suffocation, mercy into harsh judgment.

The demon, dirty with the supreme sin of pride, unrepentant for ages, gives lessons in hygiene, humility, and repentance. The desert dictator preaches fruitfulness, the sheikh from the desert of dark vanity teaches courses on the springing forth of light. Non-existence always accuses those who are. The non-liturgical defames the man of the Liturgy. The adept of deceitful sweetness condemns the sons of true love. The servant of sin – a dreadful miasma, defies the fragrance of the Spirit.

The demiurge of lies is horrified by the truth.

What can we do?

Let us pray more- more fervently, and more truly.

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