The days are not only for the man

A peasant was working on a Sunday in his field while his neighbour was going to the church. The first began to mock the other one for his bigotry. This one told him:

`My friend, what would you say if I had only seven golden coins and I gave six to a beggar I met in my way?`

`I would say you are very generous.`

`And what would you say if this beggar instead of thanking me would ask for the seven one as well?`

`I would say he is a worthless person and he deserves to be hanged.`

Then his neighbour burst into laugh :

`You expressed your own condemnation as from seven days which are in a week God gave you six to work and He want to sanctify the seventh for Him. But you want that one for you. You do just like that beggar.

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