The bag with holes

Once a monk fell into a sin. Then all the other monks of that skete gathered together and decided to send someone to call abba Moses. But he did not want to come. Then the presbyter of the skete sent a monk to invite him, saying: ”Come, abba, cause people are waiting for you!”

Abba Moses got up and decided to go. He took an empty bag, filled it with sand and kept it on his shoulder while walking to the skete. The monks of the skete who came out to greet him, seeing that odd thing asked him: ”What does this mean, pious father?”

And he answered: ”These are my sins that are falling behind me and being so wretched  I don’t see them, but dared to come here today to judge foreign sins…”

Then the monks who heard him, didn’t say anything else to the brother who sinned, but forgave him.

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