Gradually, after ration book and identity card, meaning after `registering`, they`ll proceed very cunningly to sealing. They will force the men by various cunning means to receive the sealing on their forehead or on their hand. They will push things in such a manner and they`ll say: `You`ll use only cards from now on, money will be abolished.`

Then a man will give the card at the supermarket and buy and the seller will take the money through the bank. Who won`t have a card, won`t be able to sell or buy. On another hand, they`ll begin to advertise the `perfect system` of sealing people with X rays with the number 666 on their hand or forehead this being invisible on the outside. In the same time on TV they`ll show that someone stole someone else`s card and they`ll repeat all the time: `The sealing with X rays on hand or forehead  is much more safer, because only the holder knows his own number. The sealing is the perfect system. The other one won`t be able to steal your head or hand and won`t see your seal. That is why they permit the thieves and all evildoers to do what they want.

They robbed 15 cells around Careia. They killed one to rob him. In that way everyone will have the opportunity to rob and take everything he wanted. Let`s say he wants to rob a field; he will say it was his grandfather`s or that he rent it for grazing thus see if you can figure that out. Afterwards the experts will say: `Unfortunately we can`t control them. Control is made only through computer and they`ll proceed to sealing.

Then they will search on computer to see if you have the sealing to give you what you want or not. The three and a half years [1] will be difficult and the ones who will suffer will be those who refuse this system. For people like this they will find a reason and send them to jail. After a year they will take them to another town for investigation to go to another court, from a town to another. After that they`ll say: `Forgive us, you`re not guilty…if you had been sealed we would have searched about you in a minute. But now we can`t check anything about you.

`Father, will they impose the sealing by force?`

`Their politeness won`t go that far. They`ll be polite because they`re Europeans. They`ll show they are at their best. They won`t torment people, but the men won`t be able to live if they don`t have the sealing.

They`ll say: `Without the sealing you torment yourself. If you had received it, you wouldn`t have lived such a hard life. They won`t be able to use golden coins or dollars if they had.

For this reason, if everyone will take care to live a simple life, with moderation, he will be able to survive in those years.

They should have a piece of land and cultivate wheat, potatoes, plant olive trees and then with an animal, with a goat, with a few hens they will be able to cover the needs of their families. Because even if they had made supplies, these won`t be of use for long, because food can`t be stored for a long time, they expire quickly. Of course the hardship will last only for a short time, three and a half years. For the sake of the chosen ones the time will be shortened. [2] They won`t realize when it passes away. God won`t let the men helpless.

`Father, in those hard years, Christ will intervene?

`Yes. See, if here for a wronged man who has a good intention, because for him the divine help is justified, the saints and the Theotokos and Christ will show up to him may times to save him, then the more in those times when the poor world will be in such a difficult situation. There will be a whirl, a short reign of Satab- antichrist. But afterwards this one will be slapped by Christ and all nations will be shaken and peace will come to reign in the world for many years. This time Christ will offer an opportunity to men to find salvation of their souls. Will Christ abandon His creature?

He will show up in the moment when the people won`t be able to get out of that situation by themselves, to save them from the hands of Antichrist. The people will come back to Christ and in the world will reign spiritual peace for a long time

Some people connect the Second Coming of this intervention of Christ. But I can`t say this. My mind tells me that it won`t be a Second Coming, when He will come as a Judge, it will be only a small intervention of Christ because there are so many facts that haven`t taken place yet. Christ will intervene, will push this system, will punish all evil and in the end will turn it into good. The ways will be filled of worshipping places. Buses will have icons on their outside. All people will believe. They will pull your coat to speak to them about Christ. Thus the Gospel will be preached to the whole world [3] and only after that Christ will come as a Judge to judge the world. Judgment is one thing, and another thing is an intervention of Christ to help His creature.

[1] see Dan. 9, 27; Apoc. 12, 6 şi 13, 5. See as well saint Irineus of Lugdun, The reprimand and overthrow of the false knowledge in five books, Book 5, Sources Chretiennes 153, Paris, 1969, pp. 323 şi 387.

[2] see Mt. 24, 22; Mc. 13, 20.

[3] Mt. 24, 14; Mc. 13, 10.

Excerpt from Spiritual Awakening– Pious Paisios the Athonite,  Evanghelismos.

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