Take care, my dear, many want only a small piece of meat!

The letter of mother Gavrilia to a girl of nowadays

When you would be reading this letter, I shall be already gone from this world and you will have already become a young lady. So you might find interesting these few thoughts on the important topic of love – that love which will unite you one day with a young man.

There will come a time when you may feel that your heart beats faster for a certain boy…In these times things have changed significantly. Now the young people are rushing out to live their life, to gain as much experience as possible, as fast as possible…However everything should be at its time, at its blessed time.

Take care, dear S, many young men will approach you in the name of love. It’s something natural, because love is the most wonderful thing from our life. It is like a tiny flower, opening its corolla towards the sun on a lovely spring morning, without knowing very well what is happening…and thus becomes confused…

Of course it is quite flattering to hear that someone loves us. But this is not always love. Today they can want us…And what they want today they might not want tomorrow anymore, maybe because something else drew their attention and they want that thing for satisfying their desires.

Then when we enter the holy sacrament of marriage, if under our beautiful clothes we have a corrupt and impure body, God will not bless this matrimony…When a young man loves you  indeed he will love your soul and you will love his. Then you won’t need anything else. Because you both getting to know each other better will feel that your bond is holy. And in time each one of you will discover treasures in the heart of the other one.

A marriage like this, an union like this will be blessed by God and you won’t ever experience a divorce, an abortion or anything else that is against the divine commandments.

A marriage like this brings in the world blessed children like you. For your parents lived in godliness their matrimony.

You know, dear S, that a marriage which is far from God and the Holy Eucharist  is also far from all virtue. It is emperilled by infidelity, adultery and other dangers. The children who will grow in such a sad atmosphere might follow dangerous paths that would lead them to wrong friendships, bad company, violence and drugs.

Take care! Till it comes the time when you can be sure of the love you and your Mr.Right have for each other. Don’t rush! There are many who want only a small piece of meat, maybe because they don’t have much else to offer in change.

Rejoice, dear S, always be on the path of God there and be just as He wishes you to be. Always have love for the parents who gave life to you and for all the people. Always be His blessed child. (Leros 10.02.1992)

Source: doxologia.ro



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