Show me your hands!

A young man went to a big company for a job interview. He passed the first interview and he had to meet the manager for the final stage.

The manager saw his excellent CV and asked him:

“Have you ever received a scholarship in school?”

The young man said `no`

“Did your father pay your tuition?”

“Yes”, he answered.

“What’s your father’s job?”

“My father’s a blacksmith.”

Then the manager asked him to show him his hands.

The young man showed him his soft and smooth hands.

“But you have never helped your father at his work?”

“No, he has always wanted to see me studying and reading many books.” “And he does his job better than I would.”

Then the manager told him:

“I want to ask you to do something.” “When you go home today, wash your father’s hands and then come back here tomorrow morning.”

The young man saw how big was the chance to get the job he desired.

When he got home, he asked his father if he let him wash his hands.

His father looked embarrassed and showed him his hands. The boy washed them slowly. It was the first time when he noticed that his father’s hands were ridgy and full of scars. That was the price he had paid for his son’s education. After washing his hands, the young man remained quiet and thoughtful. They talked quite a lot on that night.

In the morning the young man went to the manager’s office and this one noticed tears in his eyes and asked:

“Can you tell me what you did yesterday?”

“I washed my father’s hands”, he answered. “Now I know what is worthy of appreciation and I have to confess that I would have been what I am today without my parents.” “Now I realize how hard a man strives for his daily bread.” “And I want to help my family.”

“This is what I am seeking at my employees.” “I want to hire someone who knows how to value the help he received from the others.” “Someone who knows the pains of the other people and who knows that money doesn’t mean everything in life.” “You’re hired.”

You can give your child a large home, good food, a computer, a big TV set. But when you wash the floor or dust a painting hung on the wall teach him to do the same. After dinner, let him wash the dishes with his brothers and sisters. Don’t do this because you lack money and you can’t afford to hire someone to do that or you do it yourself, but because you want to teach him how to value work.

It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, one day you grow old like the father of that young man. What matters the most is to teach your child to value efforts and difficulties and to respect the work of the others in order to succeed in life.



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