Receive my repentance

God! You, Who know my sins and my repentance, You know the pain of my heart, by which I haven`t ceased crying because I angered you, God.

You know my toils through which I humbled my sinful body because I dared to commit lawlessness and I upset Your kindness.

You know the sadness of my soul which since I knew sin never ceased to get upset and bitterly lament because it angered Your mercy.

Now listen to my sob and pay attention to my prayer, see my heart which melts like wax, search my inner organs, see my tears and have mercy with my soul.

Leave my wicked deeds, forgive my sins, do not mention my bad deeds, remember me after Your mercy, for Your kindness, God.

Receive my repentance, receive my prayer and lament and receive my soul.

Excerpt from The lives of the saints – Pious Theodora, who led an ascetic life of  toil like a man (September, 11th )

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