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`We say: `Lord God` I know there is a difference between the words `Lord` and `God`. But I don’t know which that is. Make some specifications and bring some explanations, please.

The word `the Lord` is more personal and shows the relation of God with His Creation and the word `God` symbolizes the Supreme, Almighty, Spirit Creator of the whole universe and world.

I believe in God but I don’t know why God created us, the men and the angles. Is there any answer to this in the Bible?

God created the men and angels out of His great Love. But He gave to the angels and men a free will.

In the book The Church and the world on the verge of Apocalypse at the chapter `The syndrome of atheism` you write: `If the man does not have his soul as a simple indivisible substance then who is the man and what is his place in the universe?

Saint Ignatius Brianchianinov considered that the soul is material (we call this substance ether or another stuff of this kind). But materiality implies a certain structure a division in parts. Thus should we be afraid of a possible division of the soul? Saint John Chrysostom writes in his Homilies about Genesis: The greater are the storms the more wonderful reveals Himself the Creator. Meaning that the more complex the soul is built the greater will be the glory of the Creator. Talking about the indivisibility of the soul don’t we try to impede the Creator? Forgive me for asking such questions. These are coming in my mind by themselves when I read.

The soul is material in relation with God. But the immaculate Spirit is not material in relation with the matter which surrounds us. The molecular atomic content of the matter does not offer any details about the inexistence of other substances. The soul does not divide itself, it is manifested through its specific powers and attributes.

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