We don’t need that much saint spiritual confessor as we need saint obedience

A well known theologians said once that he could not find a good confessor. Then elder Epiphaneos said:

`My dear, the problem is not the confessor. The problem is you. If it had been the problem with the confessor, you would have gone into the street, would have turned to the right, walked 100 meters, turned to the left then walked other 50 meters, stopped and waited there until the first confessor would have passed by.

You would have shown complete obedience and would have had no problem about confessor or salvation. We don’t need that much saint confessor as we need saint obedience. This is what we lack. All those great saints of the Church, did they have saint confessor? No! What they had was a holy humbleness and obedience.That’s how they sanctified themselves.

From archimandrite Epiphaneos I. Theodoropulous, Pieces of life, Evanghelismos, Bucharest, 2003, p. 100.

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