Pure love

It was 8.30 in the morning, when an 80 y.o man with stitches on his forearm arrived at the hospital. He said he was in a hurry because he had an appointment at 9.00 am

The nurse who received him, asked him to sit somewhere knowing that it was going to take more than an hour to be seen by a doctor. Seeing that he looked insistently at his watch and because she was not very busy she decided to take care of his wound.

After she examined him carefully, she saw that his wound was healed and talked with the doctors to take out the stitches.

While trying to take out his stitches, she asked him if he had any other medical appointment for that day. The old man answered that he had no other medical appointment but he had to have breakfast with his wife. The nurse asked him how was his wife’s health condition.

The old man told her that his wife suffered of Alzheimer. And he added that his wife didn’t know anymore who he was and there were five years since she was unable to recognize him.

The nurse was shocked and asked: And why do you continue to go on every morning as long as she doesn’t recognize you anymore?

Then the old man smiled and said: She doesn’t know who I am, but I don’t forget who she is.

Pure love…

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