Miracle happening at the tomb of pious Paisios the Athonite

A Christian relates the miracle he experienced. He claims that saint Paisios’presence changed his life. We present below the miracle as it is related by himself.

From the age of twelve I suffered cause of demonization. My life became a martyrdom. After the exorcisms they read for me, I was feeling as if I had been beaten.

On the first Saturday of the Great Lent from 1995, my confessor decided we should go to the Vigil from the monastery of Souroti.

Before departure I felt a wild struggle. During the vigil I did not feel any drowsiness. I was standing in the middle of the church with my face down and the nuns were around me. The vigil ended and they started to read the service for blessing the holy water. Then I got extremely wild but I was taken to the holy relics of saint Arsenios the Cappadocian.

It was for the first time – I confess it and shudder – when I felt that my body was burning. At the end I said: ”Pai…Pai…” The abbess aske me: ”Paisios?” And I nodded a yes. In that moment I became like a wild beast. And when they took me to the tomb, I cried for three times: ”Saint! Saint! Saint!”

Although I wanted to run away, they caught me and put my by force on the saint’s tomb. Then I saw the saint sitting up, as if he had just woken from sleep. He did not look like a dead person, but he was exactly the way he had looked when he was alive, with beard and black robe.This happened in a flash. He put his hand on my forehead and in the same moment I saw how a black smoke came out from my mouth. Then I  calmed down, but the physical pain did not stop immediately. I fell asleep and because of the pain I woke up saying: ”It hurts me a lot!”

For 40 days after this I have felt such a joy that I was crying cause of it. Maybe what I said in my prayer was too daring: ”My God, even if I were to suffer a lifetime like before, it is enough for me if I could feel again, even for the slightest moment, this joy!”


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