It’s worth trying

Many times the people want to understand God in order to believe. But they think badly and astray. Why? Because you must believe in order to understand and not vice versa. It is necessary to convince yourself that God is so much higher than you so cannot explain Him and put Him in moulds.

It’s wrong to try to bring God to our size in order to accept Him. God must not become a divine entitlement for our mistakes, must not become an indefinite power which to bless our sick desires or the great punisher of the universe, He should be our Father. who wants to see we fulfill ourselves as human beings. That is why the final purpose is salvation, the fulfillment of man in Christ. This is what God wants.

Our pasionless God wants us not because He needs us, only because He loves us.

Man’s helplessness to approach God is caused by the fact that we try to approach Him with our mind and not with our heart. Our mind is unable to  understand the uncreated, beginningless and endless God.

Only the humble heart is able, not to understand God but to taste the beauty of His presence and to gain shelter in His expected Kingdom.

God made His step towards us so that we could approach Him. But we should not remain there at the mere knowledge, we should do those beyond thought. We should become His partakers, we should make ourselves be as one with His Body and become gods-men with the grace of the God Man.

Apostle Paul confirms this by telling us: God is faithful by whom you were called to the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

God sent us the invitation to enter His Kingdom together with Christ the Bridegroom. But for being able to understand what this is about, you must be able to read this invitation. And someone is able to read it indeed when he goes to the school of the Church, to the Body of the God Man extended to eternity, to that school where everyone by repentance, humility, liturgical life learns how to read and understand God’s invitation.

In the Church the man doesn’t learn only how to live in the world according to the will of God. But he also learns how to die for the world, for the sake of Love.

It is not easy to live like Christ, it is not easy to be hurt and to want to continue against everybody, even against your friends and family, who might have given that up for a long time. But ultimately it’s worth trying, it’s worth not to give it up or get disheartened, because up above where you’re afraid to go, it is found what your anxious soul is seeking. It is found the cease of all the questions, the feast of the heart, the life with the Risen Christ.

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