It is a miracle to live with God

On Biruinței street, right at the edge it is a narrow lane with some shattered huts.

There is a lonely old woman who remained a widow at about 30 years old, with a perfectly white dog. She lives in a small room of around 6 sm.

She welcomes me with gladness. She gives me two walnuts. She kisses the Icon of Nativity.

I tell her:

`Grannie, how is with loneliness?`

`Father, there is nothing more beautiful in the world than deep silence when you hear how God cradles you in His arms. I am not alone at all. I open the prayer book and I feel immediately the Saviour, the Theotokos, the Holy Angel how he flutters his wings. It is a miracle to live with God.

Prayer is the remedy for loneliness

The remedy for depression is the awareness of God`s presence and love

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