In a Catholic cathedral are performed yoga exercises

by Nikos Heiladakis

            Pan-religion and globalisation with the support of the papal church in all its magnificence.

            At the initiative of Marc Andrus, Catholic bishop of San Francisco, from the United States of America and with the contribution of the „great” yoga masters, Pujya Swami, Chidanand Saraswati and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati from the ashram Parmarth Niketan, it was organized a yoga seminary in the Catholic cathedral of the city and there were promoted some classic exercises of this sect, which has become very fashionable lately.

            The Catholic bishop has even held a speech, emphasizing the great significance of this initiative, because this movement, according to his statement, will spread love and peace among religions.

            What do you think, are we going to witness such „loving” phenomena in our country too? Let’s remember that some time ago, a hierarch of a Greek  Orthodox metropolitanate published and distributed… the Koran in his church, saying that it is a… holy book.

            Woe to us!

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