If you have order in your mind you have order in your life as well

Everything the man has originates in his thought and if everything originates in the man`s thought, you have to make order in your mind, cause if you don`t make order in your mind, you don`t make order in your life either.

This means that the man`s life is founded on his thought and the key of his change in good is found in the mind. I didn`t know then the word of Saint Mark the Hermit that `in the heart which loves toil the evil thought has no power and it is destroyed as it is destroyed fire by water.

You know what happens with fire, with embers, with a burning charcoal when you put it in water. It extinguishes all of a sudden. This is what happens with the heart which loves toil, with the heart engaged in seeking God, with a heart decided for God, with heart thinking about God.

Let us have God in our mind, in our feeling, let us have God in the foreground of our life, we should not play with the idea of God, we should get attached of the personal God, the God who knows us, who sees us, who listens to us, because if God is not on the first place in your heart, He is not on any place.

Archimandrite Teofil Părăian, The joys of faith.

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