Humbleness means freedom

God doesn`t look at the face, He doesn`t love some people more and others less, He loves us all the same. But we, the people, love God in a different way. One loves Him more, another one a little and another one doesn`t love him at all. Thus the measurable love doesn`t apply to God but to the man.

Let`s assume that a man tries to live without God. What will he achieve? He will live biologically. He may achieve many things. He may get a very high social position, he may gain a lot of money. One thing is for sure: he will never be able to find his balance. He will find this only near Christ, because we are created to find our peace only near Him.

God is within man`s nature. No matter what we do, it`s impossible to take Him out of our nature. It is an ontological presence belonging to our own being. Of course on the path of our life there are many things aiming to break this bond we have with Him. The numerous attractions aim to enslave our hearts and detach it of God and attach it to something else. This something else is for sure the sin, the despair, the grumbling and in the end the death of our soul. And we like some blind follow the path leading to the bed of Procustes. It stays in our power to save not only our dignity but especially our soul.

Today the people don`t repent for their sins or mistakes, because they don`t want to humble themselves. They think that humbleness means the humiliation of their personality.

But this is not humbleness. Humbleness means freedom. Humbleness means: I am freed of my passions, of my sins, of my complexes, of my wretchedness, of my selfishness. If they humble themselves for real, they will see the divine Grace, they will see God  in person. A Father of the Church said: `The higher you get, the easier you glide.` When someone feels that he is down for the love of God and humbles himself, then God comes and elevates him. On the contrary, the man who boasts himself, who increases his selfishness and self-confidence, will surely fall.

The man who humbles himself means he doesn`t seek obsessively primacies and honors, only lets himself in the care of God and even if he acquires something in the world, he doesn`t consider this as being his own achievement or smartness nor does he think he has become a great personality, only believes that all the things he has achieved are blessings and gifts from God. He has gained them only with the grace, mercy and lenience of God.

Nowadays the people need a good shaking to understand their mistakes, sins, to repent and humble themselves.

The path of Christ taught us the expression of the perfect humbleness. But there is no man capable to reach that level. But one day we, all the people, will reach the edge of our life. If we don`t reach that point during our life we`ll reach that in the moment we die.

The devil controls this world in a very powerful way, because we give him rights. What is bad is that this impedes the divine intervention, because there is no repentance and humbleness. If it existed, our life would be better. The man would not be overwhelmed by despair, but he would have dedicated himself to creation.

I wish from the heart for all of us to achieve humbleness in order to find the freedom of our soul in the end and live the true joy of life!

Excerpt from the book Listen to Me ! by nun Porphyria, published by Evanghelismos

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