How will we find inner peace?

”What good wind brings you here ?” the hermit asked the worshipper who insisted to see him.

”I want inner peace”, that man answered pensively.

The hermit took a small wooden stick and wrote on the ground: I want inner peace.

”See how easy it is! the hermit said and erased the word I.”First you erase the word I.” ” It is impossible for someone to find inner peace if he has perfect confidence in himself and thinks that he can find it by himself, estranged from God.” ” His ego will always feel insecure, threatened by all the people around him and thus he will always be afraid.” ” This will turn into selfishness in order to exercise control and thus will cast out God and His peace.”

With a second move he erased the word want.

”You have to erase the word want.” ” Want shows the desire, the need, the addiction.” ” When you run following your wishes, you will never find time to calm down and become happy.” ” It is known the influence of the mosquito. If there are ten mosquitoes in a room and you kill nine, the tenth won’t let you sleep.”

”No matter how many you will satisfy, there will always be left one that won’t let you sleep.”

Then the worshipper looked at the erased words and in that moment he experienced his first awakening. I and want disappeared and only inner peace was left.

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