He had stolen his own wheat

Two peasants shared the same plot of land where they threshed their grain.

One of the was unfair and the other one was personified honesty 

Both of them threshed in the same day their grain and they had left it in the field until the next day.

The unfair one wanted to steal during night from the grain of his neighbor and in order to recognize it he covered it with a blanket.

The other peasant came in the field that night and seeing his wheat covered said to himself : What a kind man is my neighbor. He covered my grain so that it may be protected of rain for not being spoiled. But I don`t want to be less fair than him. It is better if my grain gets spoiled than the grain of this kind man…

He took the blanket and covered the pile of the other one.

During night the thief went there touched the blanket and filled his sack from the covered pile.

The next day coming in the field he saw ashamed that the pile of his neighbour was untouched and in fact he had stolen from his own wheat.

How many times in life in his relationship with God the man doesn`t steal his own hat and damages himself?

God loves us very much unconditionally.

Many times we do a good deed and God comes to meet us rewarding us tenfold from His kindness.

Source: The Orthodoxy of the soul.

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