God have mercy!

Monk Moses the Athonite

All of a sudden a window opens in our mind. A light is appearing. And then you get another feeling. Then you understand well, not rationally, but with humility, awareness and divine warmth.

And you say to yourself: what else would I say? Nothing else, only this, over and over again: God have mercy! Without being encumbered. Without tiring. This tells everything. There is no need for others. Someone can express himself only poetically sometimes. The prayer is poetry. All the prayers are poems.

The poets feel their fellows and comfort them, as the saints. It is a real blessing to meet a poet and a saint. The saints don’t want to leave traces behind. Only the men leave the traces of their wickedness on themselves. God have mercy on them cause they do not know what they do.

I am upset when I can’t pray. A starets with a great deal of discernment said that even this is a prayer. But I rejoice when I ask myself with so much warmth to pray to God. I think that God will have mercy on them for their humility.

I prefer the prayer instead of the empty words, of the false politeness and of the unclear good deeds. The prayer is the greatest love for men, although they do not understand it. The prayer is the greatest mission and benevolence for the world. Words in excess do not give any peace.

The prayer for the others influences with a lot of warmth. Love is unforced, but it is always a sacrifice.

The true prayer is not a pleasant rest, but a tiresome standing, a walking on a rope.

We do not dedicate the surplus of time to the prayer, but the best and most productive hours, the most important hours of the day, of our life.

God forgive me for everything I said and wrote, for everything I did not live and believe, for avoiding to speak about my failures and defeats, for willing to speak only about my victories. I hesitated because I did not repent.

God have mercy on me!

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