Do you feel idle?

You complain that you are tormented by an idleness you can`t uproot by any means. This temptation attacks those who assume any ascetic struggle

For getting rid of idleness the Fathers recommend to cultivate in us the remembrance of death and Judgment – with its two components – the eternal hell and the eternal bliss. The Fathers say when the remembrance of death is accompanied by a deep humbleness it attracts so much holy grace upon us that we get rid of idleness forever.

All of a sudden in a hidden way the men loving God untied the complicated ties of the black temptations which surrounded you. In the meantime He gave you so much power that now you can receive with gratitude all the trials, not only those from the present but also those which may occur in the future.

This is how it is the heart of the man who by the help of God died for the attractive temptations of this world and who freed himself of any vain ambitions, of any delight of the senses and of the interest for gold and silver.

Excerpt from Spiritual counsels – Saint Makarios from Optina, Egumeniţa Publishing.

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