Blessed Simeon

In 1922, an orphan child named Simeon came from Asia Minor together with the refugees. He settled in Piraeus in a barrack and grew up over there all by himself. He had a cart and worked as a docker at the port of Piraeus. He did not know how to read or much about our Faith. He had simplicity and faithfulness.

When he reached the marriage age, he married, had two children, and then moved together with his family to Nicaea. Every morning he went to Piraeus to work for earning his bread. Every morning he passed by the Church of Saint Spiridon, entered in, stopped before the iconostasis and said,

– Good morning, my Christ! I’m Simeon. Please help me earn my bread!

In the evening, when he finished his work, he went back to the church, walked in front of the iconostasis and said,

– Good evening, my Christ! I’m Simeon. Thank you for helping me today, too!

And so were passing the days of blessed Simeon.

By 1950, all his family members had tuberculosis and fell asleep into the Lord. Thus, Simeon remained alone, but he continued to work without complaining. And he did not stop passing by the Church of Saint Spiridon and tell Christ “Good Morning” and “Good Evening”, asking for His help, and thanking Him.

When Simeon got old, he became ill. He has been hospitalized for nearly a month. Once the nurse in charge asked him:

– Grandpa, you’ve been here for so long, and nobody came to see you. Don’t you have anyone in this world?

– My child, Christ is coming every morning and evening to comfort me.

– And what does He say to you?

– “Good morning, Simeon! I am Christ. Have patience!”. “Good evening, Simeon! I am Christ. Have patience!”.

Being surprised by his words, she called her confessor, Father Christodul the Fasos, to come and check if Simeon had fallen into deception. Father Christodul came, talked with him, asked him the same question as the nurse in charge, and received the same answer. At the same hours, in the morning and in the evening, when Simeon was greeting Christ, Christ was also coming to greet Simeon. The confessor asked him:

– Could it be your imagination?

– No, Father, I don’t imagine anything. It is Christ Himself.

– Has he come today too?

– He came.

– And what did he tell you?

– Good morning, Simeon! I am Christ. Have patience, and in three days, early in the morning, I will take you with Me.

The confessor went every day to the hospital and talked to him. He realized Simeon was a blessed man. Three days later, early morning, he went again to visit Simeon and see for himself if he was going to die was or not. And indeed, as they were talking, Simeon suddenly shouted,

– Christ is here!

And immediately he felt asleep forever.

Eternal remembrance! Amen.

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