Birth is a miracle

Priest Alexandru Lungu

How many storms the heart of a mother gathers inside. How many worries are found in the most sensitive part of the body. The body of the mother is changing from a month to the other. The joy begins when the womb starts swelling.

In the first months of pregnancy there are emotions which are hard to describe, when the first signs of the life which begins to make its presence manifested more and more obviously appear. So many unexpected changes occur. The smell intensifies; the skin seems to get out of order and the appetites take control at the most inconvenient hours. In a moment you are laughing and in the next one you are crying a river of tears.

The end of pregnancy becomes even more complicated. The body does not listen to you anymore, the legs become swollen more and more and the back pains give you real troubles. Insecurity overwhelms you and the wardrobe which until yesterday was the dearest place from the whole house becomes a nightmare. Nothing makes you happy; when you see yourself in a mirror it seems to criticize you without shame.

Then there comes the moment of birth and you feel you will give in. How will the birth go on as it seems to be a moment when life and death fuse. A woman who gives birth to her child with the price of her own life is no lower than a martyr killed by lions in the arena.

The end annuls all worries. When the eyes of the mother meet those of the new born it seems like a new genesis of the world. All pains, all worries lived until then are forgotten in the moment when the smell of the peewee fills your respiratory tract.

They say that there is only one love in this world which can rival with the lobe of the Creator towards His creation. Only the mother can love her baby with a divine love. We thank you, mothers!

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