Are you Christ, sir?

The train stopped in the station. A small cripple child was selling fruits to the passengers. One of the passengers in his attempt to get down from the train in a rush collided with that boy and scattered his fruits. Being in a hurry and seeing that the injured was only a child went away. After a while the other passengers got down from the train. Among them was a man who had seen all that scene: the scattered fruits, the cripple child, his despondent gaze. Although in a hurry he stopped and without saying anything started to pick up the fruits and protect them of the feet of the passers-by.

After he finished he took out from his pocket a banknote and put it in the basket of the boy. The boy looked at him with tears in his eyes.

`Are you Christ, sir?`

`No, answered the man smiling. I’m a simple disciple of Christ and I’m trying to do what he would have done if he had been here.`

It would be good if people saw Jesus! If they recognized in our behavior his traits…The people around us need to see Jesus Christ. God gave us His Word as a guide; He gave us the Holy Scripture. And He gives us the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Thus in every moment we can ask Him and find out how to behave to be His sons for true.

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