After the apology of vaccine, it follows the apology of the chip…

Priest Savatie Baștovoi

The countries with the lowest rate of vaccination are exactly those having the experience of the recent dictatorships. The opposition can`t be put in relation with the aversion for science or with religiosity – for example Russia is one of the most atheist and scientific states. The dictatorial methods, the avoidance of responsibility, the monopolization of the drugs market, the monopolization of the public discourse and the re establishing of censorship, the apparition of the funds for propagandists (declared funds) the apparition of the caste of specialists (remember the omnipresence of the young specialist from the Sovietic kolkhoz) the persecution of the doctors who try to discuss the medical act from the point of view of the medical ethics, the apparition of endless orders and absurd fines – all these are well known for the population of those states blamed for not getting vaccinated, states with a population having a painful memory still alive. They freed the proletariat from kitchens to chop us with the choppers of science.

After the apology of vaccine it follows the apology of the chip. Yes, that chip everyone laughed about from the beginning of the pandemic.

They will explain to us that it is not true it is injected with the vaccine by the syringe but it is inserted with an accredited device according to all norms in force as it is done in all civilized countries.

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