About repentance

The men loving God always receives His sons that have sinned when they come back with sincere repentance. The man hating evil and loving good completes his repentance and becomes beloved son of God. Due to his freedom, each Christian has the chance tom choose what he wants.

No good can be done by force. God doesn’t want to constrain our freedom. Freedom is indissolubly linked to love. The sin is a foolishness, an aberration. God doesn’t keep anyone near Him by force. The prodigal son from the parable, going to a remote land, estranged from God’s love. And this estrangement had devastating consequences. He had estranged from God and suffered of loneliness, individualism, bitterness and darkness. Life in sin is a dirty swamp that doesn’t really satisfy anyone. Being enslaved by passions is indeed a lack of freedom, some strong slavery ties. This is followed by pain, grief, sadness and torment of pleasure. It is proven that the sweetness of pleasure is too short while the torment is long. Without repentance the torment becomes one for life.

Repentance is the acknowledgement of sin. By this acknowledgement of sin the man is moved, humbles himself and realizes his condition.

Pious Maria the Egyptian being in Jerusalem and crying for her sinful life came to repentance and this led her in the desert of Jordan. Her dirtiness and disorder disappeared in the desert. She came to reach complete repentance and from the whore of Alexandria she became the greatest ascetic struggler of all times, enduring for long years a war that urged her to go back to her sinful life from afore.

The feeling of disgust leads the man to return, to confession, to the acceptance of his mistakes, to the acknowledgement of his defeat, to the work of good deeds, to the lve for God and men. Do not go in the maze of thoughts, in the complex of blames and in the inacceptable despair. Most merciful God never tires to wait the return of his creature. He is never angry, He never threatens, He never constraints, only awaits. He awaits the return of His sons to see them living happy indeed. Repentance asks for courage, firmness and a certain kind of boldness. It is true that there are many ways of repenting. Repentance means the change of our mind, of our way of thinking, a sincere return. It is necessary to have self condemnation, grief for the passions we cultivated, sincere humility, forgiveness of the neighbor, mercifulness, prayer with tears.

Repentance is not only for a few, for those of high rank…The healing repentance is for all, for big and small. We all are guilty of something and must correct ourselves.

All of us need repentance. We got used with the good and took a wrong, crooked path, we got used to live without the holy ones, to live other things than the due ones, those that do not belong to our tradition and culture. Without pretexts, without justifications, we must confess all our sins.

Repentance will give us inner peace,joy in our hearts, quality for our life. Repentance doesn’t mean a false patchwork of our soul, a life lived at random, neither good nor bad. Those who repent arise, become enlivened, change and correct themselves in an amazing way.

All our country needs repentance, all the young people who gaze at the magic mermaids, who wanted to get rich easily, avoiding or pushing aside many others in order to succeed. Nobody is excluded from the miraculous repentance. All of us are called to change, to become natural from false, sincere from liars, true Christians and patriots from hypocrites without repentance.

Repentance will bring comfort, strength and hope. Nobody should fear repentance because it is absolutely necessary. Now only a miracle will save the world and this miracle has to begin in the depths of our hearts.

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