9 prophecies of Elder Paisios the Athonite

Prophecy 1:
One doctor said Elder, what we expect in the future?
— The future, my child, only God knows.
— Gerontius, whether big war?
— Why do you ask, my child? And do not imagine that would be!

Prophecy 2:
Now read the prophecy — how to read a newspaper: everything is clearly written. Thought tells me that there will be many events: the Russian occupy Turkey, Turkey will disappear from the map, because one third of Turks will be Christian, one third die and one third will go to Mesopotamia.
Middle East will become an arena of war, which will include Russian. Shed a lot of blood, and even the Chinese will move the Euphrates River, with 200,000,000 army and reach Jerusalem.

Characteristic feature that makes these events will be the destruction of the mosque of Omar, as it would mean the destruction of the beginning of work on the reconstruction of Solomon's Temple, which was built right in the place.
In Constantinople, will the great war between Russian and European, and shed a lot of blood. Greece will not play a primary role in this war, but it will give Constantinople, not because they are in front of us fear the Russian, but because they can not find a better solution, and agreed to work together with Greece, and will put pressure on them difficult circumstances. The Greek army will not have time to come back to the city will be given to her. Jews, because they will have the strength and support of the European leadership obnagleyut and will show their pride and shamelessness and try to govern Europe. Then 2/3 of the Jews will be Christians.
Unfortunately, people are pushed into the theology, not related to the church and is worldly sophistication that say different things and make impermissible action, to deliberately remove his position from the faith of Christians. So did Russian, when they wanted to introduce communism in Russia. What are they doing there? Once joined the party some wrong priests and theologians — and were already “together with them,” — they were forced to accuse the Church and often speak against it. So they poison the people, because he could not recognize the role of these theologians. Then he took one of his priests, who, because of illness was very thick, looking for some months skinny kid, put them on a poster and wrote down: “This is how the Church lives and how people are poor.” We took a photograph of the Patriarchal chambers covered with a carpet, furniture, etc., and placed next to the hut of one of the poor (as our gypsies) and said, look at the luxury of priests and a languishing Russian citizen! So little by little, they managed to poison the people and the “ruin his thought.” And after people consume themselves, and they were, and, as we know, have rejected Russia 500 years ago, and left her to die, killing millions of Russian Christians.
They will build many machinations, but through persecution that followed, Christianity completely united. But not in the way they want those machinations suit global alliance of churches wanting to be at the head of the religious leadership. United, because the present situation will be separation of sheep from the goats. Each sheep will tend to be with the other sheep and then realized, in fact, “one flock and one shepherd.” Delve? See that this is already partly implemented: Christians, you see, have already begun to feel that they are in an unhealthy climate, and will try to avoid painful situations and replenished by the thousands in the monasteries and churches. Will soon see that the city there are two parts of people: those who will live lascivious and far from the life of Christ, and others that will be on the vigil pritekat and places of worship. Mean state, as it is now, can no longer exist.

Prophecy 3:
Once I came down and saw Elder somewhat embarrassed and upset. He gave me and he began to speak:
— Some came here and started talking to me, that is a war, and that the Turks will be included in Greece, and that we shall put six miles from Corinth (explaining the mistake, spoiled his thoughts, prophecy Cosmas Aetolian). Then I picked up, and said that the worst enemy of the Greeks is that when the world some Greeks, as you spread that if war happens, Turks chase us to Corinth, because when the war starts, everyone will bruised spirit and they retreat to Corinth. Besides, if it was true, we must not say. Even more so when it is — a lie. And you repeat once again that this does not say anywhere, because he made a lot more evil than would have made many Turkish division.
I told them this, and they forced me to explain, even though I never wanted to talk about the prophecies that shestimilie, which says Saint Cosmas — is six miles of the sea shelf. This is an issue for which we recently gnawed with Turkey, and it will be the case, because we “seize.” However, they should not enter into Hellas: they will move only on the six miles, and then they will find a great evil from the north, as the Scripture says, and “there will be nothing direct.” One third of Turks will be killed, a third will take Christianity, and the rest will go away in Asia. We are in no way suffered from the Turks. Some unimportant things destroyed, and they will find God's wrath.
This I heard from them and was upset. I could not believe that the Greeks themselves — that spread things in the world — will have the greatest help the Turks.
I also started to say, said St. Cosmas, “then come, when they come two summers and two paschal together,” now that the Resurrection (Easter) coincides with the Annunciation — and passed the winter as the summer — which means that the Turks would attack Hellas (Greece).
We all became a prophet, my father, and explain things to our mind, as we want. And here I had to tell them that St. Cosmas, when he said: “Then will come” does not mean the Turks. Granted that then comes freedom for residents of Northern Epirus. Indeed, this year opened after many years abroad, and they may, in some way, to communicate freely with his homeland.
My father, I have seen that quite a lot of harm cause these people, explaining things to my poor mind. And not only convey its other corrupt thought.

Prophecy 4:
So “noble” is divided into parts of Turkey
Asked the elder brother of the events in Serbia, and that, among other things, said:
— Europeans are now doing, for the Turks, independent of where Muslims live (Bosnia and Herzegovina). I see, however, that the partition of Turkey noble way: rebel Kurds and Armenians, and the Europeans need to make independent and these nations. Then Turkey will say: we did you a favor there, now this way should become independent Kurds and Armenians. So “noble” is divided into parts of Turkey.
Holy Arseny said in Farasah believers that they will lose the fatherland, but soon again get it.

Prophecy 5:
In the summer of 1987 I asked the elder of the future world war, the one called “Armageddon” and reported to the Scriptures.
With fatherly interest he gave me different information. And even wanted to open some signs that convince us that we really are in a generation of Armageddon. So he said:
“When you hear that the Turks Euphrates cover the upper dam and use it for irrigation, then know that we have already entered in the preparation of the Great War, and thus prepares the way for dvuhsotmilionnogo troops from the rising of the sun, according to Revelation.
Among the preparations there is: to dry up the Euphrates River that could pass large army. Although — Elder smiled at this place — if two hundred million Chinese will come when there will drink one cup of water, they osushat Euphrates!
I was told that the Chinese army now stands at two hundred million, that is, a specific number, which is described by St. John in Revelation. The Chinese even prepare the way, which is called “the miracle era”: its width is such that it easily passed by thousands of soldiers, lined up in a row. And this time they brought it to the borders of India.
It must, however, great care and enlightened pure mind in order that we may discern the signs of the times, because, in a way, it is all so that they can not distinguish between those who do not care about cleansing the heart, and, as a result easily mistaken. Suppose someone knows that in order to pass over an army of millions, to dry the river Euphrates. However, if you expect it to happen miraculously, ie will suppose a big crack and fade away all the water, then that person will be in error, for it is not taken care of through the purity of heart “to enter into the spirit of” the Scriptures. Something similar happened with Chernobyl: the Revelation of St. John the Evangelist says that he saw a star that had fallen from the sky and water, and has infected people. Those, however, who expects that the star will fall from the sky, has long been in the wrong, and never realize that it is already accomplished. Chernobyl in Russia means “Wormwood” and we see that caused great harm, and it will be even more over time … “

Prophecy 6:
During the procession of Dreadful Predstatelnitsy in 1992 an umbrella over the icon of Panagia had Ensign of Ioannina. When we were on the right of it was me, and left old man, who at one point said to the officer:
— Come, pray well, and so will be the standard-bearer in the City (Constantinople) when enter.
And, turning to me, said,
— Hear what I said?
— Yes, Gerontius, I heard. Amen. — I told him.
Then he smiled and uttered his characteristic:
— A! (Well, it is!).
A day later, I went into his cell and asked on the City. And he said:
— Constantinople take back, but not us. We, from the fact that most of our young people went down, unable to do that. God, however, is designed so that others will take City and give it to us — as a solution to their problem.

Prophecy 7:
Small group of students from Afoniady down to the elder. They focus on one theme: they heard, as if the old man said to some that we take Constantinople. And they wanted to do to hear it from his mouth, and especially to ask if they would be living at the time. So they talked to each other on the road, that someone had to ask Elder about this topic. So they came and sat down with him, no one, however, dared to ask such a question. They got up, took the blessing and headed for the trail. Elder, seeing them smile said:
— And remember: Constantinople and take and you live and you at that time!
Students struck like a thunderbolt from what he said, and they were surprised about grace, which he had, and that it shall receive everything and more that will take place in their generation, all these horrible things.

Prophecy 8:
Mr. DK visited the Old Man. At the time, the Soviet Union was very strong in all respects and no one could even suggest that it may be destroyed — it was still under the rule of Brezhnev.
The elder, among other things, said:
— You'll see that soon the Soviet collapse.
Mr. D. said:
— But such a strong power, Gerontius, who fell apart. And to claw it dare not touch.
— You'll see!
Elder predicted that the Soviet Union would collapse, and that Mr. D. is still alive and will see it (despite the fact that he was already at the age).
And the old man went on:
— Know that Turkey will collapse. There will be war two and a half years. We shall be victorious because we — Orthodox.
— Gerontius, we tolerate damage in the war?
— Hey, at most, one or two of the island will take, but we will give, and Constantinople. You'll see, you'll see!

Prophecy 9:
One afternoon came to Kelly Elder group of pilgrims. Taking a blessing, they sat in the outer arhondarike. Old man with a good nature brought them a traditional Turkish delight, refreshing water and fresh plums, which earned him the previous pilgrims. He sat down and began to talk:
Elder: How to live in the world?
Dimitri: In general, Gerontius, media spread evil and aim for it. Being corrupt and small children.
Elder: The law says that? Filing a suit?
Dimitri: We try, Gerontius, do something, but they do not take the words.
Elder: You always have a clean conscience, doing my duty. Else But God.
Dimitri: Can you tell us, Gerontius, how we behave in this evil world? So … in general.
Elder: Need reasoning. Do you have a confessor?
Dimitri: Yes, Gerontius.
Elder: Counsel with the priest, because sometimes we can not say 'yes' or 'no', so it requires reasoning.
Here the old man got up and left them alone, and they, seizing the right moment, agreed to request the Elder tell Constantinople. Soon the old man came back and, to the amazement of all, before they could ask about anything — showing that his spiritual “radar” caught their thoughts — said to them:
Elder: What you say, whether we take City?
They were numb and did not say anything.
Elder: Tell me whether we take City?
Group in amazement did not answer.
Elder (Jokingly): Big Mouth …
Theodore: Take, Gerontius.
Elder: Glory to you, O God. (Crosses to the east and looking to the side of the City.)
Dimitri: If God bless, Gerontius, take it.
Elder: Yes, this is from God! Take it! Just do not we hire him, and give it to us. Those who take it from the Turks, give it as a solution, we, as will assume that it is profitable for them.
Dimitri: Gerontius, how long it will go wrong?
Elder: Maybe it can be! However, we will take the examination.
Dimitri: Will the proper guidance?
Elder: God is satisfied. In this war, all come out winners. The Greek army will be a spectator. No one will return winner. The arena will be Palestine, their grave — the Dead Sea. This will be the first in half a time. But it will be the second half a: after the event people will come to despair, and then everything will be studying the Gospel and Scripture. Christ will spare the world and show the sign for faith. Then thou shalt seek the unbeliever.
Dimitri: Gerontius, Troparion of the prophet Elijah said he — “the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ.” He is known to have died, as Enoch. Will the prophet Elijah to the ground?
Elder (Smiling): The Prophet Elijah and prepares sharpens his knife! And even before the start with the patriarchs, princes, priests, and monks!
Nikolai: And the mundane.
Elder: Do you — ignorance, we have — sins. Is it not said in prayer to the Divine Liturgy: “O our sins did and the human ignorance”? The prophet Elijah is sharpening his knife: but need much attention, because some of the things that is to say the Fathers, and otherwise interpret the world as, say, shestimilii reported by Saint Cosmas Aetolian. (Turks leave, but will come up again and reached shestimiliya. Eventually their chase to the Red Apples (Kokkinh Mhlia). The Turks third die and another third sign of the cross and the last third will go to the Red apple.) No can not explain it.
Shestimilie there Langadase, Kilnise, in Thrace, in Corinth, but no one knows, those of whom he speaks, — six miles of territorial waters. You do not read the prophets, in Joel, Zechariah, Ezekiel, in Daniel? It says it all. Seven years in Palestine will not burn wood, and sticks, but how do you know the difference between sticks of wood! You are now in the homes of heaters (with a smile), while here I'm burning wood in the stove, and I know what's what.
(This is the prophecy of Ezekiel — 39, 9-10: “Then the people of the cities of Israel shall go forth, and set on fire and will burn the weapons, shields and armor, bows and arrows, clubs and spears, seven years will burn them. And will not take no wood from the field, neither cut down any out of the forests, but they will burn only weapon, and robbed of their robbers, gatherers and rob them, saith the Lord God. “)
Christ: Jews …
Elder: One pious Jordanian told me that the Jews dug under the Dome of the Rock is many meters deep tunnel, and want to destroy the mosque to build the Temple of Solomon, as Then, they say, the Messiah, that is, Antichrist. Then Arabians say to Christians: Do you not say, as Christians, that the Messiah has already come? Now what they say here, the Jews?

Elder, bringing back the pilgrims had come up a treat, and asked one of them:
Elder: Whether we take the city? What do you think?
Christ: I will go to the Northern Epirus.
Elder: Take the City, Northern Epirus take seven of us!
Christ: Seven and I — eight!
Elder: Good for you! I transferred the relics of St. Cosmas Aetolian — they are heavy! What can I say, guys, these things write and tell our books (church), but who reads them? The people do not have a clue. Sleeping in sandals!
Dimitri: This, Gerontius, signs of the times?
Elder: Signs, signs of the times can not see … You have to be sorry, sheep, not to understand what is going on … Many of the Fathers prayed, that live in our time, because it is — the time of the Confessors. We sleep in sandals. Soon be asked to Christians, as people asked for their political beliefs.
Nikolai: Zavedut whether we thing of Gerontius?
Elder: And, bravo! Case.
Dimitri: Gerontius, Greece suffer?
Elder: Greece has passed a lot of storms, however, will still be! Greece in no way be affected, because God loves it. In Asia Minor, we had a lot of relics. On each piece of land you will find relics. Take the Hagia Sophia and the gates will open. These gates nobody knows … we shall see, however, what will? What then will be the minarets?
Nikolai: We destroyed them.
Theodore: Will do their belfries.
Elder (Smiling): No, they will become the pillars for the Stylite, and will dangle beads to the bottom!
Dimitri: Leaders of this war are the Jews?
Elder: Yes, the Jews are. Many will promote and Dad, because all the children of the devil will be his (ie the Pope) and he will tell them to follow the Antichrist. Therefore, the holy Cosmas said: “Pope curse because it will cause. ” Holy Pope meant that particular time, which will help the Antichrist interned. Other Pope compared to him seem good.
After this, the first time they hear and wonder, what is showed to them the love of the Elder, the group remained for some time silent and worried. The elder stood, and blessed them, and pointed the way so they do not get lost and get there.
They left his cell Elder shocked, thinking that God prepareth in the future. They also thought that such apocalyptic events should never be forgotten. The names of these, and love your brothers asked to pray for them, but will find favor with God. Amen.

Brief information about the life of Elder Paisius
Elder Paisios of Mount Athos (in the world Arseny Eznepidis) Farasah born in Cappadocia, Asia Minor, July 25, 1924 on the day of Saint Anne, of pious parents. He was baptized August 7, 1924 holy Arseny Cappadocian, who gave him his baptismal name. As a kid really wanted to be a monk. Prior to military service he worked as a carpenter, as our Lord, when he was on earth. In 1945 he was drafted into the army and served as a radio operator. In 1949, he graduated from the service and immediately went to the Holy Mountain. In 1950 he came to the monastery Esfigmen.

There, in 1954, took the name rassophore Averky. In the same year went to the sacred domain Filofei monashestvoval where his uncle. In 1956 he was ordained to the minor schema named in honor of Metropolitan Paisios Cesarean Paisius II, with whom they were compatriots (and he came out Farasy Cappadocia). In 1958, after receiving the notice of God, went to Mount Athos in the sacred domain of Nativity in Stomio Konitskoy. There it by the grace of God has helped thousands of souls, and from there in 1962, went for some spiritual reasons to Sinai.

At Sinai, he lived in the cell of the holy and Galaktion Epistimii. Returned to the Holy Mountain in 1964 and settled in the Iberian monastery, at the cell of the Holy Archangels. In 1966 he became ill and was treated for several months in the hospital, where he was taken away much of the lung. Being in the monastery Stavronikita was close to the famous confessor o.Tihonu, came from Russia and had many spiritual gifts. Elder served him with great self-sacrifice, offering any help as needed. Elder Paisios o.Tihona settled at will (after his death) in his cell of the Holy Cross, where he lived until 1979, after he came to the sacred domain Kutlumush and settled in his cell Panaguda.

In Panagude Elder helped thousands of souls. All day from sunrise to sunset counseled, consoled, problem solving, cast all restraint and soul filled with faith, hope and love of God. Suffered severely from the various diseases that bore with great patience and fortitude. October 22, Old Style (November 5 new) in 1993 went for the last time from the Holy Mountain, and went to St. isihastiry. St. John the Evangelist in Suroti present, as usual, on the vigil feast of Saint Arsenius, who is revered on November 10.

Due to illness had to stay there and on Tuesday July 12, 1994 at 11:00 am Elder gave his soul to the nun quietly and humbly to the Lord, who so loved and served from his youth. Was buried in the monastery of St. John the Divine in Suroti Thessalonica. Leave the commandment not to pull it out of the power of the earth until the Second Coming.


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