Why wasting time praying?

A fisherman was taking someone with his boat. The passenger rushed him all the time:

`Go faster, I`ll be late at work!`

At a certain moment he saw that on an oar it was written `pray` and on the other one `toil`.

`Why did you write this?` he asked.

`To remember – answered the fisherman. IN order not to forget that I have to toil and pray.`

`Well, to work, of course, everyone has to work, but to pray – and here the man made a gesture with his hand as a sign of disgust – it is not necessary. Nobody needs this. Why wasting time praying?

`You are saying that nobody needs it?` asked the fisherman and took out of the water the oar on which it was written `pray` starting to paddle on with only one oar. The boat began to spin around on the spot. `You see how it is the toil without prayer: we spin around and we don`t advance at all.`

Excerpt from Why I am not an angel. Stories to spend time usefully –Sophia Publishing.

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