The only true doctor

That is why the Lord, the only true doctor came, to heal the souls of the believers of the incurable passions and to cleanse them of the dirtiness of malice.

You will answer : Of course I believe it. This is what keeps me and in this I put my trust.

Therefore know and examine yourself : do your physical diseases take you to the earthly doctors as if Christ in whom you believed could not heal you?

See how you fool yourself thinking that you believe but you don`t believe as you should, for real.

If you believed that the eternal and incurable wounds of the eternal soul and its diseases caused by vice are healed by Christ you would believe that He can heal the evil and the ephemeral diseases of the body and you would run only to Him.

The One who created the soul and the body and Who heals the eternal soul can heal the body as well and the ephemeral diseases.

ExcerptfromThefiftyspiritualhomilies, homily XLVIII, 4, in Church Fathers and Writers (1992), vol. 34 – Saint Makarios the Egyptian.

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