The tragic influence of atheism, materialism and occultism over the contemporary society led to considerably increased number of criminalities and suicides. The educated psychologists and sociologists, being situated on materialistic positions, proved to not be able to explain the nature of this fact. People who are mostly insured from a material point of view coming from families who are apparently wealthy commit – surprisingly for their close ones – awful bloody crimes. What is the cause for these? What are the roots for such an evil?

Maybe the cause is inside the soul and the influences that come from the invisible world. The holy place is never empty and neither can a salty spring produce fresh water – says Apostle James (Jacob 3, 12) – nor can a man have a neutral position within the spiritual life. By the virtue of his ontological structure, he needs to choose either for the good or for bad, either for God or evil. The man who does not know God and His commandments lives in this world usually according to his passion. He inclines to do what he likes and what pleases him. In other words, he actually satisfies his own necessities, desires and spiritual passions. We mention from those: to eat and to drink, to have sexual relations, to earn a lot of money, to have a prestigious job, to enjoy the respect of others, the vain glory etc. If all these desires are neither refrained by the faith and aspiration to God nor subordinated to the main purpose of the spiritual perfection will become exaggerated and a purpose in itself resulting in passions. The horizon of interests of the human life practically narrows down to only satisfying the passion or usual passions: to drink, to have a debauchery life, to collect money and object, to rule over others and so on.

The demons try in all manners of ways to deepen the earthly passions since through them like through an own channel of their nature, they get access to the soul of the sinner. As the Holy Fathers teach us, especially Saint Gregory of Sinai, each demon has a certain “specialization”, he prefers to be found in an environment of a certain passion, feeding and strengthening himself though the energy of passions. The excessive sensuality excites a certain type of demons, other types incline to alcoholism, others feed themselves from wrath and so on.

According to the patristic tradition the demons lay their hands on both the dimension of human thoughts (suggesting different ideas and imaginations) and the sensitive one by kindling inside them man the excessive sensuality of irritation, anger, sadness, hopelessness and so on. Therefore any Christian who wants to have a spiritual life needs to be awake, meaning to vigil closely on his thoughts and feelings. It is unacceptable to blindly follow all his feelings and desires. The Holy Bible, Christ’s commandments, the experience of the Holy Fathers and their advices on the problems that concern the people represent the testing rock by means of which they can identify the quality and source of their thoughts and feelings, other than the natural voice of their consciousness. The non-believers and non-Christians have nothing for guiding themselves into their lives but to listen to the voice of their own conscious and it would be good if that voice was not distorted and suppressed by the wrong education and a sinful life. Etymologically, the word “consciousness” might be interpreted as being the science in common, shared with someone. This consciousness was granted once with the genesis of the entire human nation and each newly born individual is always endowed with it.

In other words, this is the voice of God in the human soul, the moral-spiritual pivot, protecting him against debasement and perdition. For if the man, ignores his remorse and continues to do wrong then its voice – under the influence of sins – will weaken and completely disappear afterwards so that the person will loose any moral-spiritual guidance.

He who does not live Christianly, remains helpless in front of the actions of demons that – through the aforementioned channels – flow into the soul and subdue it. Therefore the man becomes possessed meaning one who does obediently the demon’s will, often in an imperceptible way for himself. The man’s possession grade, meaning the sizing of his obedience in front of the extraneous evil-will is in direct ration to high grade of sensuality that goes through its apogee into possession, in that condition when one does not have any control anymore on his body, words and acts. The connection between the body and soul is disturbed, the extraneous evil-will flows into the person and the unclean spirit starts to take over the control on his body. There are countless statements of this kind in the Gospel (Matthew 8, 16; 15, 28; Luke 6, 18; 13, 11).

Another cause of obsession resides in the practice of occultism in all its forms. The passionate practice of astrology, magic, extra-sensorial activities, the interest and contact with the poltergeist, UFOs and UFO creatures result into the exposure of man to the mystical contact and the influence of evil spirit that leads afterwards to the demonization of “contactors”, to their spiritual death. There are certain data that according to the number of contactors with UFOs truly increases in geometrical progression. They meet in countless associations, edit specialized magazines and give conferences. For instance, according to the data of V. Davidov, there were approximately 300 “contactors” who took the floor during conference from Kemerovo only, all of them representing a single region Kuznetk.

According to the words of Saint John Chrysostom the demon pursues the one who serves him till either he ends up likewise or commits suicide.

This statement is well confirmed on these days. The judicial psychiatry uses the term of “fixed idea” that is also interpreted as “violent passions”. Here is what the handbook on judicial psychiatry writes on this matter: “On will-disorder matters may be reported impulsive acts characterized by the occurrence of an unstoppable or hard to oppose urge to commit such and such action with no preliminary decision involved. Usually there are a few impulsive acts observed: impulsive catatonic actions most of the times carry on the character of some senseless, unreasoned, aggressive or destructive acts. The patients often experience these states as if they were subdued to an extraneous will (Kadinski syndrom)”.

Yet if somebody commits a crime against his will, under the irresistible influence of something obviously extraneous to him, meaning an extraneous will, then we could ask ourselves whose is that baneful will? Isn’t that of that spirit that we call the evil spirit? Lately, in our country the number of unreasoned homicides has considerably increased. A person kills another apparently for nothing, without having any reason. V. Kalita, in an article called “Who will kill me tomorrow?” describes three horrifying crimes. The first case: a young guy of twenty years called Skorobogatov beat his mother, he seriously injured his step-father with the knife and after five days he killed a teenager who tried to protect his father from the killer’s ridicule. A certain guy called Radopupov, while being drunk, stubbed his palls Ana and Aleksander to death without having any reason. Another one, Zavaruiev, took a walk in the woods accompanied by two minors and here he had the idea to kill the children in order to take revenge on their older sisters who refused marrying him.

The author of the article after investigating the case of Zavaruiev, writes that: “He lived and raised many boys from the countryside. He had an education, he was in the army and then he worked in kolkhoz. He has never and nowhere spent a day with killers or other criminals. He has never been in prison even for one hour, in colony or around. And then suddenly such a life turn: criminal and killer. What is more horrible for me is the ordinary character of the killer, meaning that he is just like many other people. It is horrible to know that this crowd lives right beside us: they walk on the ground, they look, they talk… And unexpectedly, out of nowhere, “due to some misunderstandings they grab the knife and stub it in the chest of one of us or of our children.”

Further on, analyzing the aforementioned cases, V. Kalita writes: “the society burns in the fire of criminality” and it is awful especially that this criminality “is somehow spontaneous, taking the proportions of a real civil war (the son kills his father, mother; the brother kills his brother, friends) when each one fights against each one.” The author recalls horrifying facts and based on them he makes true remarks: the homicides are reasonless committed, there has been appeared a kind of horrifying criminals “whom one hour before were people like all the other people, and later become criminals.” V. Kalita cannot explain the cause of this occurrence and it is obvious that this is a social act that can be explained only from one point of view – meaning the mystical one.

As we earlier proved, the person is not protected by the Christian belief, by the Holy Mysteries and pray, he is suddenly exposed to the toils of temptation that are laying upon him. He gets into a mystical trap and having been living according to the law of his passions, he is cleverly led by the unclean spirit.

Thus, in the article called “The maniac goes hunting” are described a series of homicides among the cruelest ones, committed with no serious reason involved. According to the data of a team leader from the Institute of scientific research of State Ministry Iuri Samoilov, among maniacs most of them are “people with a superior intellect: skilled workers, functionaries, doctors, sportsmen, students… They are usually good family men, they have two or more kids and they have never been suspected for criminal inclines.”

Let’s further investigate the example of a criminal character.

In the region Stavropol, in a touristic club worked a certain Anatol Slivko. He was an example of a family guy with wife and children. He was an excellent teacher. His instructive-educational method was widely circulated. And there was that suddenly he started to behave in an unusual way. He gave to the children from the club 25 rubles and he ordered them to wear the pioneer uniform in order to be exposed to some experiences of surviving in extreme conditions. Afterwards he strangled and hanged them by the feet, he ridiculed them by all means while he was recording all these. Seven boys died and other 30 managed to escape and save their lives.”

According to I. Samoilov, the reason of crimes is that “deep down the consciousness of some people occur some unknown changes. They are apparently as they were before, but secretly they try to commit bloody acts.” However, what kind of unexpected changes occur in the subconscious, changes that transforms a person, apparently kind, in a cruel beast? The specialist from the Ministry of State Affairs is not able to give an answer to this, only lamenting himself that nowadays is very difficult to catch a criminal because they cannot know what category of people he is part of. Regardless how awful these words might seem, the majority of people from our society are “zombie”, meaning people who obediently do the will of the unclean spirit that lies in them, a spirit that leads them often to hideous crimes or suicides. Remarkably on this matter is that the level of possession is in direct ratio with the people’s disposition to sin or unfaithfulness. Pay attention to the aforementioned homicide cases told by V. Kalita: people, losing control on their mind, in an unexpected way for them, they decided for wild and insane acts; their brain as if it was under the alcohol influence gives an order and the voice of it has become known and familiar for a long time, identifying itself with his own consciousness whose caprices have started for a long time to be satisfied without any control or restriction. And therefore here are the consequences – the irreparable occurred.

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