The measure of Judgment will be your neighbour

Priest Bogdan Chiorean

A patient who was hospitalized at us a few years ago was very upset on the healthy people who don`t know to appreciate their health and have many unhealthy food habits.

I remembered her few days ago when another sick person told me it seemed to him so absurd that some of our fellowmen waste so easily their time as if eternity belonged to them. Of course we may say that the remark is of one who doesn`t have a pocket watch only a chronometer.

Many times I imagine how it will be in the afterlife and with whom we will talk and if there will be any possibility for inner monologue.

I think that there incapable to assist at so much human foolishness God will leave for a while. He will let those who complained about their work place to be judged by those who didn`t have the chance to have one, those who wasted foolishly their years to be condemned by those who implored the seconds, the women who had abortions to be looked in the eye by those who could not have any pregnancy, those who had a lot of vices to look at those whose health was damaged without their fault. Then with firm steps in the evening like at Creation, He will come back for a round of conclusions.

At His Judgment God will not compare us with the Saints only with those from our proximity. The essence of Christianity is to think that the measure of Judgment will be your neighbor.

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